Your new puppy is starting to settle into his home, so it’s time to start thinking about how to keep him in tip top shape. We’ve talked about how you can care for and train your English Bulldog puppy, now we’ll talk about the best way to keep him healthy.

Exercise with short walks or tug-of-war

Exercise is important for everyone, and English bulldogs are no different. While they are a very relaxed breed, getting them out for daily walks is always good. Stick to shorter, slower walks to make sure your bulldog isn’t overexerted. Playing tug-of-war is also a great way to keep them active. English bulldogs have strong jaws, so putting more focus on that, rather than their weaker joints, will prevent any potential problems in the future.

Prevent overheating

English bulldogs are susceptible to overheating, so take extra precautions against it. You can usually tell when a dog is getting overheated—they’re breathing too hard, their tongue is hanging out, and/or they have a bluish cast to their tongue. To avoid this, never walk when it’s hot out, keep the walks short, and keep him hydrated.

What to feed them (and what to not)

We’ve discussed the importance of setting a feeding schedule for your puppy, but what exactly should they be eating? Dogs are omnivores, so look for foods that have meat as the primary ingredient, with a grain as the secondary. But avoid soy, as many bulldogs become allergic to it overtime. You should also avoid chocolate, grapes, raisins, and hops.

Here at Bulldog Angels, we guarantee the health of every puppy, and stand behind our bloodlines 100%. If you feel you’re ready to bring home an English bulldog of your own, then check out our available puppies today!