One of our favorite summer pastimes is to go out for a swim. Whether it be at the beach or in the pool, lots of people love swimming. They also love bringing their furry canine friend along with them. While many dogs love to go swimming, not all do, and certainly not all should. English bulldogs fall in with the latter crowd.

No, they can’t swim

Many English bulldog owners ask the same question: can my English bulldog swim? The short answer is no, they can’t. The longer answer is that while some can make a good attempt, swimming is still very dangerous for most English bulldogs. This is because their general physical attributes make them terrible swimmers. Their bodies are heavy and robust, meaning they’ll sink very quickly, and since their legs are short, they can’t paddle fast enough to stay afloat. As a result, an English bulldog in water could drown in a matter of seconds.

But what if my English bulldog loves water?

No one wants to keep their dog from things that they love. If your English bulldog really loves the water, then the best thing to do is to find a Bulldog life vest. This will ensure that they stay afloat in the water—just make sure it’s the proper size for your English bulldog (as a rule of thumb, puppies should wear a small size, and adults a medium size). Then, have a few trial runs by putting the life vest on your pup and letting them get used to it while they’re still on dry land. When it seems like the life vest doesn’t bother them, then you can take them into the water, but stay near them at all times.

At Bulldog Angels, we want every English Bulldog to have a happy and healthy summer. So if you have any more questions about your English bulldog’s safety during the summer, give us a call at 785-294-0209. And if you’re thinking of adopting an English bulldog of your own, then check out some of our available puppies who are still waiting for their forever home!