All pet owners worry about summer. The heat, the bugs, and the pools all pose unique threats to our four-legged friends. But when summer fades into fall, that doesn’t mean that you and your pet are completely out of the woods. Fall may not have the same dangers that summer does, but there are plenty of things that can pose a risk to your dog:

Beware of mushrooms

The majority of mushrooms are safe to eat, but there are a handful that are extremely toxic to our pets, and those are the ones that you need to watch out for. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to tell the difference between toxic and non-toxic mushroom. So, play it safe, and keep your dog away from any mushrooms that may be growing in your yard.

Put away the anti-freeze

With colder weather comes anti-freeze. We need them for our cars, but they can be lethal to our pets. Both dogs and cats are known to try and drink anti-freeze, so check your car for leaks and tuck the bottle away where your pet can’t reach it.

Keep them warm

Fall may not be as cold as winter, but it can certainly get chilly, especially for English bulldogs as they have a shorter, thinner coat. As the colder weather comes, restrict how much time your dog spends outside, at least until their thicker winter coat comes in.

Protect their joints

English bulldogs are susceptible to joint problems. This can be exacerbated by the cold fall temperatures. If you see your dog limping or whimpering as they walk, call your veterinarian to see what can be done to ease the pain.

Keep holiday food far away

Halloween and Thanksgiving are the biggest holidays in fall; they also happen to be the biggest food holidays. The food we eat during Halloween and Thanksgiving can be potentially toxic to our dogs, so keep it up and out of reach. Plus, if your dog is skittish, you should keep them sheltered in a separate room while visitors come in and out of your home.

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