The holidays are a time to spread happiness and cheer. For obvious reasons, we want our four-legged friends to join in on the fun. Yet, as wonderful as the holidays can be, they can also pose specific threats to our pets. So, make sure your pets have a happy holiday by following these essential safety tips:

Keep the food away

From Thanksgiving to New Year’s, there’s going to be a lot of food in your house. Much of this food, however, can be toxic to our pets. Chocolate, yeast dough, turkey skin, and other foodstuffs are all poisonous to animals. So, while it may be tempting to give your dog some table scraps, play it safe by keeping the food out of reach.

Be careful with decoration

We love decorating our houses for the holidays, but there are some precautions you should take when doing so. Christmas trees, for instance, should be tied down to prevent your pet from knocking them over. The tree water should also be covered, as it can cause your pet to get sick if they try to drink it. Additionally, you should avoid placing any mistletoe or holly in your home, as both are poisonous to pets, and any decorative lights should be kept up and out of reach where they can’t be chewed on them.

Keep them safe around guests

Your house will likely be filled with guests during the holidays. If your pet is sociable and outgoing, then this probably won’t bother them. However, if they’re anxious or shy around strangers, then it’s best to keep them in a separate room with their favorite blanket and/or toy until everyone leaves.

Here at Bulldog Angels, we want to make sure all pets have a safe and happy holiday season. So, if you have further questions on how to keep your English bulldog safe this holiday season, or if you’re looking to adopt an English bulldog, then give us a call at 785-294-0209 today.