It’s a question that many English bulldog owners ask themselves: how much exercise is enough? Then, of course, there is the other side of that question: how much exercise is too much? Finding the right balance to keep your new pup healthy can be a challenge, especially for someone who has never owned an English bulldog before, but it’s not impossible.


English bulldogs are a that typically enjoy lounging around, snuggling up with their owner, and eating their favorite food. This relaxed lifestyle is pleasant, but unhealthy, so to keep their weight under control, you’ll want to exercise them for about 30 minutes each day. This can be done in one big chunk, or it can be broken up throughout the day.


Unlike other, more hyperactive breeds, bulldogs don’t need an intense activity in order to stay healthy. A short walk or a game of tug-of-war each day is enough. Keep your activity low-impact and relaxed to prevent your pup from over-exerting themselves.


While exercise is certainly important, there is also the danger of over-exercising with bulldogs. This is a breed that can be prone to health problems, specifically in their knee and/or hip joints. By pushing them too far in their daily exercise routine, you can exacerbate this problem. This is why owners must find the perfect balance of keeping their bulldogs healthy while not compromising their joints. A leisurely walk can be far more effective than an intensive jog for English bulldogs. Here at Bulldog Angels, we guarantee the health of every puppy, and stand behind our bloodlines 100%. If you feel you’re ready to bring home an English bulldog of your own, then check out our available puppies today!