If you’re one of the many Americans who are using the current stay-at-home orders as an opportunity to adopt a puppy, then congratulations! Your home and family will be made better by welcoming a four-legged friend. If that four-legged friend is an English bulldog, then you’ve made an even better choice, as English bulldogs are a lovable and loyal breed that are great to care for during the coronavirus and afterwards. 

Nevertheless, as excited as you may be about adopting an English bulldog puppy, you should still prepare your home accordingly. Here are some ways you go can about doing so: 


Puppy-proof your home 

All puppy’s love to chew, especially English bulldogs. So, unless you want your new pair of shoes to be in pieces by the end of the first day, you should take some steps to puppyproof your home before your new four-legged friend moves in. Here is a quick checklist you can follow: 

  • Move electrical cords out of reach 
  • Keep shoes, jewelry, and other clothing items tucked away in a closet or dresser 
  • Put all medications away in a cabinet 
  • Keep cleaning supplies on a high shelf/cabinet or locked behind childproof latches 
  • Use childproof locks and latches on your lower cabinets and drawers 
  • Always keep your toilet lids closed 
  • Secure trashcans 
  • Move or get rid of any poisonous plants 
  • Put away any small, items that could be a choking hazard (think rubber bands, jewelry, coins, etc.) 

Get the necessary supplies 

While many puppies are given some supplies to bring home with them, you will be largely responsible for the rest. So, in the week before your puppy moves in, purchase some food, bowls, toys, a leash, a a bed, a crate, and grooming tools. Additionally, if you don’t have air conditioning, plan on getting a window air conditioner as English bulldogs are particularly susceptible to heat stroke.  

Create a schedule 

Once your puppy arrives, you should get them on a schedule as soon as possible, so be sure to sit down and figure this out a few days before their arrival. Set times for when they will be fed, walked, taken outside for a potty break, and put to bed, and then determine who in your household will be responsible for these activities. 

For more tips on how to prepare your home for your English bulldog puppy, read through our blog or contact us today with any questions!