The holidays are inching closer, and you still haven’t found a gift. We get it. It can be tough to find the perfect gift, but thankfully it’s not impossible. If you have an English bulldog lover in your family, there are plenty of great gifts you can get them this holiday season. From cookie jars to necklaces, here are some things your English bulldog lover will enjoy this holiday season:

Creative Gifts

Are you looking for something utterly unique? Something that your English bulldog lover can brag about to their friends and family? Here are a few ideas to get you started:


For the bulldog owners proud of their pups, a single item of clothing or jewelry will do the trick. However, before shopping for clothing, make sure you get the person’s size and style preferences. For jewelry, see if they prefer gold or silver before buying your gift.

Home Décor

Sometimes, having an English bulldog at home isn’t enough. You also have to show your love with home décor items! These unique pieces will truly stand out in your English bulldog lover’s home.

Gifts for the Dog…and the Owner

Yes, these gifts are more for the English bulldog than for the English bulldog lover. But there’s nothing wrong with getting a practical gift. After all, your English bulldog lover wants to keep their pet happy, and a happy puppy makes a happy owner! You can read over our blog post on English bulldog gifts to get a few ideas.

Here at Bulldog Angels, we want all English bulldogs and their owners to have a happy holiday season. If you have any further English bulldog questions, then contact us today!