Very few dogs enjoy going to the vet. For many, it’s a stressful experience where they are surrounded by strangers poking and prodding them. While we can’t tell them that a vet visit is a necessary part of their health, we can help make them easier and less stressful. Here we describe a few ways you can get your English bulldog used to the vet.

Visit the vet outside your appointment

Many dogs get anxious at the vet because they associate it with stressful or uncomfortable experiences. However, if you can teach your English bulldog that the vet is not always a scary place, then they won’t be as stressed for their next appointment. Many veterinarian offices encourage owners to take their dogs to the vet office a few times before their first appointment. During these visits, dogs can sniff and explore the area, and get some treats from the vet staff.

Get your dog used to being handled

Another way you can prepare your dog for the vet is to get them used to some of the routines they may experience. While we don’t recommend you performing any procedures, you can lift your dog up, check their ears, and examine their limbs or fur. Slip your dog some treats during this process to encourage good behavior.

Walk your dog before your appointment

Make sure your dog has a chance to blow off some steam before their appointment. You can take them around the block in your neighborhood, or better yet, take a quick walk near the vet’s office.

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