English bulldogs are loyal and lovable. While they do not make good service dogs (as a brachycephalic breed, they do not have the athletic build necessary to be a service dog), they can make good therapy dogs. Learn more below:

Therapy Dogs vs. Emotional Support Animals

Before you start training your English bulldog to become a therapy dog, you should be aware of the differences between therapy dogs and emotional support animals. Therapy dogs are often taken to hospitals and schools to bring comfort and joy. An emotional support animal, meanwhile, provides emotional comfort to their specific handler. Their handler may suffer from a mental illness such as depression or a panic disorder.

Why English Bulldogs Make Good Therapy Dogs

Therapy dogs should be calm, loyal, and loving. Thankfully, English bulldogs match all those requirements. Additionally, their smaller size means that it will be easy to take an English bulldog out and about in the world. This is especially helpful since therapy dogs are often taken to hospitals or schools. Plus, their loving nature will ensure that they will get along well with anyone they meet.

Is Training Required?

Yes, your therapy dog will need to be trained. While therapy dogs do not go through the same rigors as other service dogs, they will still need to stay calm in busy environments. They will need to have good manners, social skills, and temperament. You can train your therapy dog by signing them up for a Therapy Dog Training Program. These programs will properly train your English bulldog and will award them with a certification at the end.

If you’re looking to adopt an English bulldog to become your therapy dog, look no further than Bulldog Angels. Contact us today to learn more about our English bulldog puppies!