Did you know that an English bulldog’s teeth are one of the most neglected aspects of their overall health? Indeed, while owners focus on their dogs’ diet and exercise regime, they don’t always focus on their dental health. This can be a big mistake. About 80% of all dogs show signs of dental disease sometime throughout their life. However, by taking care of your English bulldog’s teeth early, you can prevent dental diseases from taking hold.

Brushing your bulldog’s teeth

The best way to take care of your English bulldog’s teeth is to brush them. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this daily like with humans. Brushing your dog’s teeth once or twice per week is enough to keep them healthy. Not sure how? You can follow this guide on how best to brush your dog’s teeth.

Use dental chews and chew toys

Dogs love to chew, especially English bulldog! Part of the reason for this is that chewing helps keep their teeth and gums healthy. Doing so lessens plaque build-up by almost 70%! There are plenty of dental chews and chew toys in the market for you to choose from, just make sure they don’t contain any allergens your pet may be allergic too.

Additionally, while dental chews are great to use, they are not a replacement for brushing. They should be used alongside brushing for the best results.

Have regular vet visits

As we all know, we can take great care of our teeth and still end up with problems. So, just as we go to our dentist twice a year, your dog should go to the vet twice a year. During their check-up, the vet will look at your dog’s teeth to see how healthy they are and if there are any signs of dental disease.

For more tips on how to care for your English bulldog, read through our blog or contact Bulldog Angels today!