Halloween is full of frights, but there are some things you don’t want to be scared by, such as the safety of your English bulldog. While we’re enjoying candy, trick-or-treating, and more, these very things can be stressful and even downright dangerous for our dogs. Below, we go through some tips to help you keep your English bulldog safe this Halloween.

Keep the candy up high

English bulldogs tend to eat things they shouldn’t. If they see food, they will eat it up without question. As such, it’s our job as their owners to keep dangerous foods away from them. Most Halloween chocolate and candy should not be consumed by our four-legged friends. So, keep the candy in a place where your bulldog can’t reach it, such as a cabinet or another high place.

Be careful of costumes

If you enjoy Halloween costumes, then you may be tempted to dress your English bulldog up as well. But be careful. Many dog costumes are uncomfortable, and others can cause your pup to overheat. If you want to dress up your English bulldog, keep the costume simple and have your bulldog try it on beforehand to ensure they’re comfortable wearing it.

Keep your English bulldog in a separate room

Trick-or-treating is tons of fun for us humans, but it can be stressful for dogs when people constantly ring the doorbell. Even the most social English bulldogs can begin to get stressed out after the first hour of trick-or-treating. So, we recommend keeping your pup in a separate room far away from the action. Have someone there to keep them company, and be sure to place all of your dog’s favorite toys, food, water, and blankets in there with them.

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