Have you noticed that your English bulldog breathes heavily? If so, you may be wondering if something is wrong. While it’s always good to get your bulldog checked out by their vet, heavy breathing from a bulldog is not always a cause for concern. Here’s why:

Bulldogs are brachycephalic breeds

Brachycephalic breeds are dogs that have short, flat faces that often appear a little squished. The English bulldog fits this description to a tee. While these squished faces are adorable, it can cause your English bulldog to breathe more heavily than other breeds.

In most cases, this is no cause for alarm. But how can you tell if your bulldog is simply breathing heavily or if they are having trouble breathing? Here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Flared nostrils
  • Excessive, rapid panting
  • Their stomach looks to expand with the chest as they breathe in
  • Their elbows are wide and sticking out from the body, while their head and neck are low and stretched out

Precautions and preventions you should take

Since bulldogs are more susceptible to heavy breathing and other respiratory problems, it’s best to take some precautions and preventions. These include the following:

  • Keep them cool to prevent panting
  • Use harnesses as opposed to leashes
  • Talk with your veterinarian if your bulldog might need surgery to correct their respiratory issues

To learn more about how to care for your English bulldog, or to adopt an English bulldog of your own, contact Bulldog Angels today!