AKC English Bulldog Breeder

Here at Bulldog Angels, we believe that every home is made better by an English bulldog puppy. It’s why we’ve been breeding English bulldogs for over 15 years. Plus, as a certified AKC breeder, you can rest easy knowing that every one of our puppies are purebred English bulldogs.

Why buy from an AKC breeder?

You may be wondering why it’s important to make sure that your breeder is an AKC breeder. First and foremost, it ensures predictability—you will know exactly what kind of dog you’re adopting, and you won’t be caught unprepared if your pup develops any uncharacteristic physical or personality traits. Additionally, AKC breeders are ethical breeders. We take the time socialize with, care for, and train our puppies. Other breeders, meanwhile, care more about profit rather than the livelihood of their dogs.

Why is it expensive to purchase English bulldogs from an AKC breeder?

On average, English bulldog puppies can cost up to $2000 or more. Many may consider this expensive, but keep in mind that it can be costly to breed English bulldogs. This is because most English bulldogs must deliver their puppies by cesarean section. As such, the cost of delivering the puppy is rolled into the price for the puppy itself. If you find an English bulldog puppy for anything less than $2000, then beware—you’re likely not buying from a reputable, AKC breeder.

How to find an AKC English bulldog breeder

All AKC breeders will advertise their new litters on reputable advertising sites. This includes sites such as the AKC Marketplace and BreedersClub. You can also find an AKC breeder here at bulldogangels.com. We’ve been providing quality AKC English bulldog puppies since 2004, so feel free to check out our available puppies online or give us a call at 785-294-0209 to learn more.