AKC English Bulldogs for Sale

If you’re looking to adopt an English bulldog puppy, then you’ve made a great choice. However, you may not be sure which breeders you can trust, or how you can know if the puppy you adopt is 100% English bulldog. By going to an AKC certified breeder such as Bulldog Angels, however, you can trust that we kept to the highest breeding standards.

What is the AKC standard for the English bulldog breed?

The American Kennel Club sets standards for each breed to ensure that your dog is a complete purebred dog. There are many qualities that the AKC looks for to determine a purebred English bulldog, including a dog’s general size, their coat, how their eyes are set, how long their legs are, and more. There are, however, more general clues, such as:

  • Medium size
  • Smooth coat
  • Large skull
  • Flat forehead
  • Wide shoulders
  • Sturdy limbs
  • Strong hind legs that are longer than the front

How much do AKC English bulldog puppies cost?

The price of an AKC English bulldog puppy can cost up to $2000 or more. While some may consider this expensive, keep in mind that it can be expensive to breed English bulldogs to the proper AKC standard.

Should I register my bulldog with the American Kennel Club?

Yes! By registering your English bulldog with the AKC, you will receive the AKC’s Canine Care package that is good for your dog’s entire life. The package can include pet insurance, a training helpline, free vet appointments, and more. You can register online at the AKC’s website.

If you’re looking to adopt an AKC English bulldog puppy, then you’ve come to the right place. As an AKC certified breeder, we at Bulldog Angels have plenty of puppies that are looking for their forever homes. Take a look at our available puppies online or give us a call at 785-294-0209 to learn more.